Seamlessly Share ITOM Data From Your Monitoring Tools

By David Levy
Do you manage a monitoring tool that collects lots of valuable data? Are colleagues in IT operations management or the line of business always asking you for access to the data? Is this a headache for you?

You aren't alone. In the past few months, we’ve met with multiple customers who were trying to solve this same problem. One of them made the mistake of allowing direct access to the output of their tool, which brought the software to its knees.

Most tools have ecosystems of partners they work with to get data in, but few provide easy ways to get data out. Their goal is to own the data, for customer retention.

Challenges to Using the Vendor API

Your tool vendor’s API may claim to allow out-of-the-box integrations with other software, but there are significant challenges as these are often:

  • Built as proofs-of-concept, merely so that vendors can say that they integrate
  • Not tested at scale in real production environments
  • Usually built for a single/specific version and not regularly updated
  • Having their performance negatively impacted by other platforms polling for data too often

An Easy to Use Integration Platform

Most of our clients come to us when they want to get data from monitoring tools into a manager of managers (MoM) or AIOps platform, i.e. their challenge is from the perspective of a destination of data. J9’s products and services capabilities also work in the other direction – solving the challenges of the source of information.

OpStream is the only enterprise grade ITOM integration platform that makes it quick and easy for you to share your data with others who need it.

The OpStream mediation software is middleware that makes it simple for you to disseminate your data in real-time to anyone who wants access, without negatively impacting the performance of your tool. We enable you to collect once, then distribute to many destinations, thereby increasing the flexibility of your tool choices.

Magnify the Value of your ITOM tools

By making the data universally available, our integration platform can magnify the value your organization is getting from:

  1. Dynatrace AppMon
  2. Dynatrace DC RUM
  3. AppDynamics
  4. Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity
  5. Splunk
  6. Elasticsearch
  7. Apache Kafka
  8. Microsoft SCOM
  9. ExtraHop
  10. Micro Focus
    a. Operations Bridge OMi
    b. Operations Bridge Analytics
    c. Operations Bridge Reporter
    d. APM
  11. IBM Predictive Insights
  12. CA Unified Infrastructure Management
  13. NetIQ AppManger
  14. More under development

Its wizard-driven interface makes it quick to implement without developers, plus it has all the enterprise capabilities you need.

Whether you are responsible for application performance monitoring, event correlation or network monitoring, we make it easy to put your data out there for others to consume.


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David Levy

Written by David Levy