Recorded Webinar

Why Now Is the Time to Migrate to HPE OMi 10

About the Webinar

HPE’s new OMi 10 is not just an incremental improvement on Operations Manager, it’s a quantum leap forward. While there may previously have been reluctance by some enterprises to complete an OMi 10 migration as they waited to see how the product evolved, it is now a mature platform with a proven track record. It offers so many significant advantages over OM, that enterprises can ill-afford to wait any longer before migrating.

Thankfully, J9 is able to help with what can be a challenging implementation. J9 has the experience and know-how to help you successfully upgrade to OMi in logical phases. There is no such thing as an easy migration, but J9 specifically tailors a migration process that will best suit your business and is catered to your needs.


The topics highlighted in this webinar are:

  • OMi 10’s consolidated event and performance management
  • Improved navigation from OM to OMi 10
  • OMi 10’s reduced complexity
  • OMi 10’s self-monitoring for monitored nodes
  • The J9 Advantage when initiating a migration


Scott Bursik

Pre-Sales Sr. Solutions Architect,
J9 Technologies

Scott Bursik is one of J9’s ITOM leaders with expertise in best of breed applications, processes and practices. He assists enterprises in leveraging analytics to visualize and understand their complex applications and ecosystems. Prior to J9, Scott worked in senior systems engineering and pre-sales roles in the area of operations management at HPE, PepsiCo and Southwest Airlines.

Carol Park

Product Manager,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Carol Park is Technical Ambassador in HPE Software Operations Bridge R&D, providing product and solution technical expertise to HPE's customers and consultants on HPE Operations Bridge, and advising on evolving from Operations Manager to OMi. Prior to HPE, Carol worked for 15 years in a large telecommunications company in Australia where she held various operations roles managing mission-critical systems.

Sandeep Parmar

Director of Consulting Services,
J9 Technologies

Sandeep is a proven ITOM leader, having spent the last several years implementing high priority projects for Fortune 1000 enterprises. He has extensive experience in streamlining data center operations and IT processes and executing a variety of strategies, including ITSM, CMS, and BSM. Sandeep holds an MBA from the C.T. Bauer College of Business as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute.